More Leads. Higher Conversion Rates. Better Customer Communication. Meet Knight Bridge Chat!

Customer expectations are higher than ever. Not only do they expect to immediately speak with someone, but customers also want to instantly communicate with businesses in the way THEY want to.

Meet Knight Bridge Chat.

Knight Bridge Chat is a website chat service that makes customer communication simple—for both you and your customers. With both Artificial Intelligence-based and live chat capabilities, you can take a customised hands-off or hands-on approach, allowing you to free up your CSRs’ time while still providing instantaneous customer service.

Increase Leads and Get Better Customer Insights with Knight Bridge Chat

Not only does Knight Bridge Chat allow you to make customer communication simpler and increase leads from your website, it also gives you better customer insights.  A multi-channel integration enables customers to chat online or text from a mobile device, all of which is tracked in your KBM Solutions Results and Reporting Platform.

Seamless Marketing Tracking Integration—Including Phone Calls

It doesn’t stop there, either–other chat providers discourage phone calls. Knight Bridge Chat does not. Seamlessly integrating with Knight Bridge’s phone call tracking technology and all of your digital marketing campaigns, Knight Bridge Chat provides all of your prospects’ contact information (name, phone number, email, etc.)  into the hands of your team and is stored in our proprietary results and reporting platform.

Connect with your customers and increase your bottom line with Knight Bridge Chat!

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